Autumn theme – discovery tray!

I set up an Autumn discovery tray with the leaves and conkers that we collected on our nature walk the other day. I made sure that I collected some unopened conkers so that children who were not with us on the walk could experience the joy of opening the pods and finding conkers!

We talked about the Spiky outer shell, the soft white lining of the shell and the shiny hard conkers inside!
  • Count items in the tray.
  • Group objects in the tray by colour or item.
  • Read books about Autumn. Fiction and non fiction.
  • Go for regular walks to see the changes each week as Autumn moves towards winter.
Playing and exploring – engagement Finding out and exploring, Playing with what they know, Being willing to ‘have a go’
Active learning – motivation Being involved and concentrating
Creating and thinking critically – thinking Having their own ideas, Making links, Choosing ways to do things

Today’s play, meets the following EYFS Prime and specific areas:
  • Communication and Language
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the world

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