Today I brought out the shape puzzles. I wanted to see where each child was in their knowledge of shapes and which ones they could recognise. Through sitting with the children and enjoying a puzzle I was able to ask them what each shape was called and make a note of which they recognised.

Little “X” recognised the circle, triangle, star and oval.  He gave me an answer when he held up the heart but it was not a word I recognised. I made a note of the sound and after having looked it up online, it sounded a lot like the word “Corazon” which is Spanish for Heart. Little “X” speaks Spanish with his family as a first language so this is very likely to be the case. I told him it was a heart and he repeated the word back to me.

He found this one quite tricky!

Little “L” was also keen to show me how well she knows her shapes and started to name each one as she added them to the board. She can recognise a circle, square, diamond, triangle, heart and star. We need to work on the Oval and rectangle.

I offered these toys as a way to assess the shapes that each child recognises and which ones we need to spend some more time learning. I will make notes in each child’s profile and then offer play that helps to support the learning of the shapes that they are less familiar with.


Both little “X” and Little “L” were keen to play with this puzzle. They have both moved on to 24 piece puzzles and I am sure will soon be working on more challenging ones, so this was not a puzzle that they would normally be drawn to. They were happy to play with what they know and were very keen to come and name the shapes, I think they found returning to something less tricky, reassuring and fun. When asked what shape they were holding, they thought carefully and gave me an answer. Even when they didn’t know it, they still tried to make a guess. They were happy to share their knowledge of shapes and showed pleasure in naming them correctly. 

Today’s play, meets the following EYFS Prime and specific areas
  • Communication and Language
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Physical Development
  • Mathematics

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