Today we hung out on the school trim trail for a bit. There was a lot of balancing going in. They all asked for my help the first few times but became braver and more independent as time passed.

Littler “M” decided that the children were driving a train and that it needed wheels. So off she went and came back with these!

She walked around the other 2 girls and added the new wheels to the train. Then she took her place as driver!

After the trim trail we went off to TOLC for a Forest School session. We now have a new leader and the site is no longer water logged so we can hold sessions again! So exciting! We had an amazing turn out and more interest has been expressed by people who couldn’t make it this week.
The children very quickly fell back in with the rules around the fire that they learnt last Autumn. Well remembered! We made stick bread and enjoyed the mud kitchen today.

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