We took a trip to Whipsnade Zoo the other day. Myself the boys and their Aunts and cousin. I was not the warmest of days and a bit drizzly but still an amazing day out. I haven’t been there for probably 8 years and it has changed so much. 
My eldest has always been drawn to butterfly’s. We used to loose him if one flew by. Total distraction and off he went after it. Naturally he asked to go visit the Butterfly house and boy was it hot in there.
Worth the muggy atmosphere though because the variety of Butterflies that you can see and the close up experience was not to be missed. You have to be really careful where you step as some of them like to sit on the floor. If you are really lucky then they might land on you too!

Reminding little ones not to touch can be tricky with them so tantalizingly close but it is important for the Butterfly safety.

They had so many colours and varieties there that I am sure I only saw a fraction  of them. Some are great at hiding and have amazing camouflaged wings once they are closed up. The look like a piece of bark or a leaf.

on. Well….. till I got too hot!

I could have sat in there with a book and a cuppa all afterno

(This is my opinion of the Butterfly house and I have not been asked or paid to review it)

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