Playing in the garden today, little “E” found a piece of ice covering the water in a bowl. We managed to loosen it and lift it out. She picked it up and told me it was cold. She also pointed out that it was very slippy! I asked her why she thought there might be ice in the garden today. She was not really sure what to answer. Little “M” told me it was “very cold outside today!”
“That’s right I said!”

I had brought some warm water out with me for the girls to use. I didn’t want their hands to get too cold too quickly. “M” had some in her tea pot. She took a piece of the ice and lay it on the table.
“What will happen if we put hot water on it?” I asked.
“It will melt!” She told me.
This was a great piece of scientific thinking at just over 2.5 years of age. It shows that playing outside and being free to explore has given her an understanding about some simple scientific principles, These are things that she has experienced for herself and remembered.

“Look Pippa! It’s tiny…….. It’s all melted!”

Time for another piece of ice and a repeat of the process. Repetition and cementing of concepts is an important part of learning and understanding. Giving children the time to experience and engage in their own learning is far better than anything we could set up. “M” is learning because she is curious and enjoying something that she has found and wants to know more about!

  • Encourage more play with ice while the weather is cold. Point out that the ice stops appearing as the weather gets warmer.
  • Offer other ways to melt ice such as salt.

Today’s play, meets the following EYFS Prime and specific areas:
  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development
  • Understanding the World

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