Making the most of the sun this week and feeling very calm and at home in the outdoors! So much so that we opted for walking up to the manor rather than catching the shuttle bus from the car park. The last uphill bit with a very basic stroller nearly killed me (or at least reminded me to get the puncture on the Phil and Teds fixed)!

Just look at that stunning countryside! I wanted to find a little wooded area and set up home. Imagine waking up to that every morning! And what AWESOME trees!

When we finally got up the hill we were greeted by the fairy castle (Waddesdon Manor) and the bluebells carpeting the lawn!

Our main reason for visiting was to explore the Colourscape domes That had been set up for the past couple of weeks. The que was very long and took about an hour and a half to get to the front so we made ourselves comfortable and had a picnic. We had to relocate every now and then as the que moved but everyone was in good spirits and the weather was glorious!

After lunch little “M” had a nap in the buggy and the older children ran over to the rocks to play. They found some school friends who were waiting a bit further up the que and all got together for a game of chase and hide and seek.

Another example of the risk assessing of dangers for themselves. Yes my heart was in my mouth at times, but the top of the rocks is actually the level of the ground as it goes up the hill and they were all being super careful when navigating the rocks. They really can assess and manage their own risks if I let them.

Finally it was our turn……. We could hear the music playing inside. The center dome is where the musicians are. The sounds bounce around the domes, and mixed with the colours that are created from the sun shining through the fabric, making the whole experience totally immersive and effects all your senses. For some reason the red ares made me feel rather drunk and I noticed that little “M” was initially reluctant to enter red areas.

Everyone wears coloured tunics to add to the experience.

It was rather warm inside but I loved how it made me feel (apart from the drunk feeling). The children were excitable and keen to explore one minute and then lay out, relaxing and listening to music the next. Brendan can sometimes find things rather over stimulating in sensory settings but this seemed to calm him.

By the end we had all chilled out a bit which was nice. 

We had a relaxed time listening to the man playing some really interesting percussion instruments.

It was such an amazing experience and well worth the long wait. Very reasonably priced. A rather Hippie experience and great for teaching little “M” her colours in a kinesthetic way!

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