Today we visited the local Christmas Tree shop. This place really gets you in the Christmas mood! Even more so if you happen have some snow on the ground, which sadly this year we have not had.
The children loved walking around the barn looking at all the different shaped and sized trees. Some had pine cones on, some were bigger than me and others were as small as the children.
We sniffed them and enjoyed the small of the ine trees and the Christmas feeling it gives us.

Once inside the shop, there was so much to see. Little “X” really liked the snow globes and we turned a few over to watch the snow flakes fall on the figures inside. He told me we had to be careful with them so that they didn’t brake!

We found the lighting area and they children talked about them. Using words like “Shiny, twinkly, bright”

We found little winter villages with windows lit up and cute scenes inside. Little “X” found a window with Father Christmas inside. He was making toys at a bench. Little “R” wanted to see as well so I held her up and she told me that “Father Christmas was making toys for the good children and that he will come and see her when she is asleep!”

There were lots of baskets with interesting bits to explore. We talked about being very careful with the items so that nothing gets broken and they were very good at carefully lifting something of interest and then replacing it. Showing lots of care and respect.

Little “R” showed me some “Red berries”. There were big ones and little ones! We counted some of them!

All three of the children found the sledges very interesting! Little “L” told me we needed the snow to come so that we could sit on it! There were several different types to look at!

There talked about what they new about sledges and using them on snow. They talked about the colours and sizes of them.

Once we had had a good look around and bought some Christmas decorations for the Christmas cake we enjoyed a nice hot chocolate and a kit kat! A special Christmas treat!

This trip was offered as a fun Christmas outing to look at the trees and decorations. To talk about the aspects of Christmas, some of the traditions and to encourage language and a sensory exploration of everything Christmassy!


This was such a lovely Pre-Christmas trip and it was really enjoyed by all. The language that it encouraged was wonderful to hear. Descriptive words, the sharing of Christmas ideas and experiences between the children. 
The children were engaged in the experience a enjoyed exploring and finding out about Christmas and how it is celebrated. They were excited to see and small all of the trees in the barn and made links to the ones growing outside in the fields, that had not yet grown big enough to be harvested.
They thought critically, sharing their ideas about Christmas and the stories that they had been told by their families. Talking about Father Christmas and his elves.

Today’s play, meets the following EYFS Prime and specific areas
  • Communication and Language
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Physical Development
  • Understanding the World 
  • Mathematics

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