Today we took a visit to our local vets. They have been great with al my pets but especially so over the last few months with the loss of our rabbit and chickens. The children have asked a lot of questions about the vets and after a quick phone call, they said they would be happy to talk to the children and show them what they do!

Little “I” dressed up in one of our Vets outfits for the visit.

We checked J’s weight on the scales in the waiting room and also weighed ourselves to compare.

One of the Veterinary nurses, Jacqui, came to talk to the children with her training dog. He was a super cool soft toy.

First of all we put on our hats so that we did not contaminate our patient!

The children gave the patient one too!

We were told about injections and blood tests. Little “I” was the first to help make the dog better. Everyone got to have a turn and remembered everything they were told. They pretended to take blood from the leg and gave vaccines in the neck.

Even J came to check on the dog.

Little “I” shared some of the Dr’s kit that she brought with her and the nurse helped her by telling her how to use each one.

Little “L” found out how the Vets take a dogs temperature!

The children even got to bandage up the dog with some really funky pink bandages!

The little ones explored all of the leads, toys and other pet related items.

We used the scales again with Jacqui’s help.

She also let the children listen to J’s heart using her stethoscope!

We had such a fantastic time and the children learnt so much. It has been such a great visit. This will give all of the children some first hand experience to bring in to the vets role play and small world play that they have been enjoying over the past 2 weeks.

Today’s play, meets the following EYFS Prime and specific areas
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Understanding the world
  • Communication and Language

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