Today we popped over to another childminders to enjoy some sensory play. She had set up a lovely rice tray with Valentines accessories which everyone  was keen to explore.

Little “L” enjoyed running the rice through her fingers. Watching it fall and feeling it slide over her hands.
She talked me through what she was doing and called me to watch her.

“Look Pip, Its falling! It’s all cold!”

Early years Outcomes- 
Communication and Language (Speaking) 22- 36 months

  •  Beginning to use word endings (e.g. going, cats). 
Personal, Social and Emotional development (Making relationships) 22- 36 months

  • Seeks out others to share experiences. 

She explored the different items that were in the tray. She talked about the heart shapes, the pinks and red colours.

“Pink is my favourite!”

Early years Outcomes- 
Personal, Social and Emotional Development (Self-confidence and Self- awareness) 22- 36 months

  • Expresses own preferences and interests.

There was also a playdough activity that the children could enjoy. Little “L” does enjoy her playdough and was drawn to this activity. We worked together to make some 3d sculptures using the additional items available.

We then moved on to the cutters and using our hands to mould the dough in to small balls, squash flat pieces and to stick bits to other bits.


  • Today’s activity was offered as a fun experience to 
    • Explore textures
    • Work fine motor skills by scooping, mixing , transferring and pouring the rice.
    • Practice mathematical concepts such as size sequencing of the hearts and encouraging the use of mathematical language such as “more” and “less”, “full” and “empty”.
    I will offer more sensory and themed tray opportunities for the children to practice these concepts and skills. To build on their current knowledge and cement their learning. I will offer Playdough with shape, letter and number cutters to encourage recognition of these through active play. 


    Little “L” was fully interested and engaged in this activity. She enjoys sensory play, exploring themed trays and using playdough. She especially LOVES anything pink! She was willing to take part and have a go. Using her knowledge of how rice moves and  behaves when you scoop and pour it. How it feels in  and on your hands. She was self motivated, by her interests and the fact that she found the colours enticing. She drew others in to her play and wanted to share her experiences of how the rice felt and moved and her creations in playdough.

    Today’s play, meets the following EYFS Prime and specific areas
    • Communication and Language
    • Physical Development
    • Understanding the world
    • Expressive Art and Design

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