Today the children have been rather interested in the Colour Discovery Jars that we made on Tuesday. The children have been pointing to each jar and naming the colour. Little “L” and “X” recognise most and  Little “R” recognised them all. 
Today Little “X” and Little “R” placed all of the jars on the table. For some reason Little “R” likes to turn the jars upside down. Every evening I have found them stood on their lids. I find this really interesting and would love to understand why she does this.
Little “X” watched with interest as she yet again turned them all over and stood them on their lids. He did the same with the jars in front of him.

The children rolled the jars around and named the items that they could see inside the jars.

There was a lot of repetitive colour recognition going on. Pointing to each jar and naming the colour within. Taking turns to name all the jars and then helping the other child if they got stuck. Real team work peer support.

We talked about the different shades of colour within the jars. Using words like “Light and dark”

Little “R” became a bit lost in the Rainbow colours. I don’t blame her at all. I do love a beautiful Rainbow and I become very excited when I can bring them in to the house!

She started to move around the playroom gathering different objects from the toy boxes and shelves and adding them to the tops of the jars. She had created her own colour matching game!

She continued to use the knowledge she had gained about colour shades whilst searching for her objects and used the new descriptive language in her conversations. “This one is light green Pip!”

It was lovely to watch the children take an interest in a resource that we had made together. They picked them up and explored them. Rolling them over the table top and pointing out items to each other that they found interesting or exciting. Sometimes they held them up to the light and looked at them from the bottoms of the jars. I really enjoyed watching them recognise and name the colours without any encouragement from me. It was even more lovely to see turn taking going on and help being given to each other when they got stuck on a colour. They used their current Knowledge about colours and then learnt about colour shades through their own exploration. They were able to think critically and come up with their own ways to use the jars. Little “R” used Mathematical skills to group and sort colours. She was involved and concentrating on her self initiated task and took ownership of her learning. Enjoying what she had set out to achieve! 

Today’s play, meets the following EYFS Prime and specific areas
  • Communication and Language
  • Understanding the World
  • Personal, social and emotional 
  • Expressive Art and Design
  • Mathematics

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