Little “C” had her 1st day with us today. I spent some time sitting back and watching what she enjoyed and making some observations.
She seems really keen on the happyland toys and was focused for a good 15 minutes on this crane and conveyor belt. 
She started buy looking at all the moving parts and turning handles, rotating the crane and opening the little hatch door. She tried to drop the bucket through the hole but worked out that it wouldn’t fit. After exploring this for herself for a good amount of time, she asked me to help her and show her how it worked. 

I showed her how to place the blocks in the bucket and then drop them on to the hatch. I drove a dump truck under it and then opened the hatch for the blocks to drop down. She loved that the dump truck was filled up and repeated the process herself several time.

I then showed her how to work the conveyor belt. Adding blocks at the bottom and turning the handle to make them go up and then they fell on to the hatch so they could fill the truck again. She was very keen to try it out for herself and, with some guidance, soon worked which way to turn the handle to get the desired movement.

Before long she was filling dumper truck after dumper truck with blocks using the 2 methods she had practiced and even drove the truck back around to the bottom of the conveyor belt so that she could reload it.

  • Child selected play leading to self initiated learning.
  • operating simple mechanical toys
  • Showing an interest in technological toys with knobs and pulleys.

    • Offer more toys with buttons, flaps and leavers.
    • Offer a latches board to explore.
    •  Look at different mechanisms in our everyday life and see how they work.


    Little “C” showed interest and determination for a prolonged period of time, showing fascination and wanting to understand how the toy worked. She showed and interest and curiosity in items in her environment and thought critically to try and work them. She was actively learning as she moved the different parts of the toy and tried to link each one. She sort help from others when she felt she could not work it out and watched carefully to what she was shown. Eager to give it a go for herself and showing a real “can do” attitude.

    Today’s play, meets the following EYFS Prime and specific areas:
    • Communication and language
    • Understanding the world.
    • Physical Development

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