Just a few shots of our Tuesday activities and play!

We had a friend over in the morning and for some reasons I didn’t take any photos of that. Silly me. We also had toddlers in the morning and then sleepy children had naps. In the afternoon I did remember to get the camera out though and just catch a few shots of what everyone was up to!

Nature walk and a quick snack of fresh berries from the bush!

I know it’s after Michaelmas and we should not be eating them now….. but everything is late this year in ripening so we are going to enjoy them non the less!

Look at how many red berries there are still waiting to ripen!

We collected lots of leaves. Loving the colours!

After school both little “E”‘s played with our Jovo tiles.

Little “R” and little “L” have spent much of the afternoon enjoying the tea set! Tea and cake for all!

Brendan re-designed a skylander and then started to model it out of air dry clay!

He also set up an Avocado stone to grow. He has seen Nanny grow one and has decided to give it a go himself. I have no idea what he is doing, but apparently it is what you do….. so we will see what happens!

The boy has had a hair cut too! looking much smarter!

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