We spent a sunny day at a nearby park. The great thing about this park is that it has lots of areas to suit all ages. I thought the older children would go in to the play ground or play crazy golf but they had other ideas! They spent the whole day in the sand pit!

It all started with Brendan, the eldest at 15 years old digging his way under a bridge! Kenzie is never far behind as Brendan often has some really cool ideas! Soon he was digging a hole under the bridge too!

A baby came to check out how the building was going!

Little “R” spend hours digging and digging till she made it out the other side! A tunnel from one side to the other!

I wouldn’t stand too close to the bridge. You might get dragged under! Trolls are not keen on visitors!

All the hard work deserves a drink and a rest. They spent all day in their holes under the bridge! Every pocket in their shorts was full of sand…. their hair was full of sand…. my car was full of sand!

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