Transport theme – Car park name recognition!

Transport theme – Car park name recognition!

I was try to introduce fun ways to include literacy and maths to young children. Especially when teaching children to write and recognise their names. This is a fun activity that I have used a lot in the past for car lovers! It’s the car park name recognition activity!

Take a sheet of paper and draw a little car park on it. Mark out enough spaces for the letters of your child’s name. Add the letters, in order, to each space.

Then select a bunch of toy cars and add a sticker with the corresponding letters on to each car.

I always show the children what the activity involves. So I had fun driving the cars in to the matching spaces. We talked about the letters and how it spelt the name as we drove the cars in!

I set up a bigger version using larger cars for my younger children too!

Today’s play meets the following EYFS areas:

  1. Physical development
  2. Literacy
  3. Expressive Art and Design

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