I have been very interested in observing “X” in his interest of movement and straight lines. He has a very strong trajectory schema and as I have mentioned in previous observations, he shows this in all areas of his play. You can find similar observations here, here and here.
Today he chose to play with the building blocks and the small wild cat collection. 

You can quickly see that his love of horizontal lines is showing through again. This Domino effect is a new process that I have not seen him use before and it has made me think about setting up a small Domino run with him. I am confident that he will love to watch them all fall!

“This is for them to climb on and slide down. I’m going to make a long, long bit. It’s going to be very awesome and they can go everywhere they like!”

The line continues towards the house and even down the step.

He is so focused and involved in his play. back and forth along the line to collect more bricks and then adding them to the end.

He gathers his cats at the end and starts to walk them up and down the very long path that he has made.

  • Observation to note little “X”s continuing interest in lines and rows. 

  • Plan to set up a small Domino run with him and show him how they can fall in such a way as to knock each other down. This will support his Trajectory schema.


Little “X” self selected this activity which meant that he was very quickly engaged in it and enjoying the process of lining up the blocks. He  seems to find the repetitive nature of this sort of play very calming. He seems to quieten down and become completely absorbed in his own little world. Other children move around him but he seems to be oblivious of them. This is an open ended activity that he has set up for himself. He seems to have more interest in the process than in actually playing with it after it has been made. He walked his cats along the blocks for a short while, but the main focus seemed to be about laying the blocks out. He does not share this creation with me but smiles when I comment on how long and strait it is. He seems quite happy with his achievement but in a very personal and quiet manner. 

Today’s play, meets the following EYFS Prime and specific areas:
  • Physical Development
  • Mathematical
  • Expressive Art and Design

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