What more do you need than a bucket of water and some pots to keep a toddler amused for hours?

Little “J” noticed that some of the small tubes still had bubble mixture in and if he squeezed the tubes then he got lots of lovely bubbles!!

Off he went to the outdoor kitchen for some pots to add to his play!

This bucket is good! It holds the water and gets rather heavy when full! Its hard work lifting it out of the water!

I transferred it to this pot so I could stir it up……. but where has all the water gone?

I will fill this pot directly I think. oh….. look… the magnet has stuck to the bottom of it!

OH!!!! Where did all my water go? I wonder if these holes in the bottom have anything to do with it?

Maybe some mud would help!

What’s in here?

Baby “J” spent much of his morning experimenting and exploring in this way!  He worked with what he knew about pots holding liquids but very soon learnt something new…… pots with holes in do NOT hold liquid. He will not have understood why this is, but it is the start of building a new concept in his mind about how things work. Exploring through play in a safe setting where there is no right or wrong. Having a go and making links. He was fully engaged and motivated in his play for a good 45 minutes!

Today’s play, meets the following EYFS Prime and specific areas
  • Understanding the World
  • Physical Development

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