THOMLEY HALL Batman pancakes and woodwork.

As always, a day at Thomley is always full of fun and learning. Today we had a woodwork session where the children made loads of hearts or Valentines gifts. I chose to make a car toy for my Nephew. I hope he likes it. It felt good to make him something with my own hands. I have made a few wooden teething toys for friends children and it always few nice to give something that I have spent time and love on.

Kenzie introduced our friend to some of the Thomley delights. Such as the Go-Karts. Chauffeur driven!

I found an adult sized Spacehopper! Great work out for the calf muscles. I think I need to buy myself one of these!

Little “M” practised her newly acquired bike riding skills!

We made Batman Pancakes in the kitchen. Using plain wraps and cutting them in to bat shapes. We then dipped them in egg and covered them in brown sugar. Once baked in the oven for a bit they caramalise a bit and taste yummy!!

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