This week we have enjoyed Nature Walks!

Painted Autumn trees!

Visited the local Pre-School for a play

Listened to stories about Autumn and farms and made farm animal puppets. Practiced our scissor skills and sticking!

Visited a toddler group and did some bouncing on a trampoline!

and fell over on the trampoline!

Drove a car!

Enjoyed play dough!

Exploring shapes and colours! Practicing our fine motor skills.

Played with our new stacking Pumpkin toy! Great for exploring shape, size and sequencing.

Painted Pottery! Look at that concentration!

Kenzie made a Super Pig!! Love his cape!

Went to the park! Lots of Physical play,  practicing our balance and coordination.

Made bouncy balls! Science in action!

Checked out our Pumpkin! Getting bigger! about the size of a melon now!

Throw in lots of singing, playing and lots of games of chase up and down the hallway! That’s been our week!

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