Kenzie informed me it was Blanket Bears birthday. He wanted to make him a cake with 4 candles because he is 4!
We decided to have a party and asked the other children to bring their bears! I said I would make him a cake while they were all at school and I also organized some surprise banners and party bags for the bears. I cooked up a party food tea and rummaged in my party box for some Charlie and lola party plates, cups and napkins!

We played party games and had a picnic party meal! Everyone had so much fun!

This was our party picnic!

Little “R” and her bear having dinner!

Blanket Bear the Birthday boy!

Not a great picture of a rather grubby Kenzie and his Bear friends!

Little “E”

“W” enjoying his food!

Time to blow out the candles… the camera is whiting everything out this week grrrrrrrrrrrr

Time for some party games! Musical Bumps!

Brendan helping Little “R” with musical statues really held her own against “W”!

We played Pass the Pumpkin! We could not find our pass the parcel toy!

It was such a sweet afternoon and made even better as it came from following a child’s interests!

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