Wow! The heatwave has been strong! Just keeping the children cool has been a daily struggle. Forest school this week was without a fire pit. We felt that water play was far better for this weather and a very kind visitor to our group bought ice lollies for everyone. We hung tarps up from trees to create some shade and kept filling bowls of water for the children to play in.

Our forest school leader used yarn and sticks to make a giant bubble wand and mixed a bowl of bubble mix. The children had a great time chasing and popping the bubbles!

Some of us found our own way of cooling off. This very quickly led to more children finding pots to sit in!

I had a little thought. If we used some of the tires and a large tarp we could make little paddling pools for everyone to sit in! It was a huge hit! I can not add pictures of everyone enjoying it sadly as the children all stripped down to their pants and jumped in and that is not really appropriate for the internet!

I set up the pool at home so that all the after schooler’s could cool down too! As you can see it was the only place anyone wanted to be!!

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