Today the children chose to be Superheros!

 Little “E” brought his Spiderman comic with him and Kenzie wanted to show everyone his new Captain America shield. Once the big boys were at school, Little “E” carried the shield around and made lots of Superhero poses and noises!

Everyone wanted a go with the shield and I only had the one, so we decided to make our own. They were really easy to make and very effective.

I started off with some paper plates and hot glue gunned 3 together. (This made the shield stronger and more robust for the rough play ahead)

I offered red, white and blue paint and gave them free rain on the painting of their plates. We painted the bottom of the plates so that the shield was curved!

I cut out a star for each child, from some white paper and glued it on to the shield once they had finished painting them. Then we left them to dry.

Once dry, I cut a strip of thin card and hot glue gunned the 2 ends to the underside of the shield, as a handle!

While we were waiting for the shields to dry, we read some stories about Superheros and the one that seemed to get the best reaction from the children was “Charlies superhero underpants!”

 It is a lovely story about a boy who is a  Superhero and the wind blows his washing off the line, including his scarlet Superhero underpants! He goes around the world looking for them! We laughed at how Superman and Charlie wore their pants over their trousers! He wanted red pants too! I managed to find a pair of Kenzies red pants and he put them on over his trousers!

Then I had to wear some too…. I had to sneak a pair of my partners boxer shorts for this! We looked like real Superheros now!

Once the shields were dry little “E” could not wait to play with his! He wanted to be a real super hero! 

I took his lead  and decided I needed to hunt out our Superhero dressing up stuff. I found a selection of capes, Batman, Spiderman and Superman stuff for them to try on and this was such a hit with all of the little ones.
Little “R” spent most of the afternoon dressed as Batman!

Little “E” wore a Superman cape that made a “WHOOSHING” noise and a Spiderman mask and ran around with his new shield!

We even found a costume for Buddy Bear! I remembered that Kenzie had got a Batman costume for the “Build a Bear” shop a few years ago, so ran upstairs to grab it from his cupboard! What a wonderful day of Superhero play! I am really looking forward to tomorrow and my mind is bursting with lots of new ideas to expand on this new interest!

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