This Sunday I spent a few hours with my eldest visiting local fetes and fun days. We always support the  local Blue Cross rescue center and pop on to any fundraising they do. This is their big summer fundraising event and we love testing our luck on the stalls and raffles!  The cakes are always a big draw too!
We won some goodies for my sisters dogs and shared a frozen yogurt while we were at it!
It was great to see so many people supporting a charity that works tirelessly for our less fortunate animals. If you can, why not contact your local animal rescue and see if you can help them in some way. Walking dogs or buying an item from their wishlist is always very welcomed!

The next stop was a local village fete. It was good fun. Brendan was keen to win a coconut. He has a pretty good aim. Shame he isn’t in to cricket! 
Before long that coconut was all his! Then he moved on to the nerf gun challenge.  Sadly he didn’t make the leader board but he tried hard.
We did win some cute soft toy dogs at the “hearing dogs for the deaf” stall so that made up for nerf disappointment.

It was a lot of fun hanging out with my biggest lad!

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