Some thing new has developed in our house….. my children have asked to spend time reading.
Don’t get me wrong. We read! Kenzie often has several bedtime stories with me each evening and Brendan always has a Beano or 3 on the go. He has even made his way through a couple of “How to train your Dragon” stories.
 But they have never been BIG readers. They are not interested in a trip to the library. Brendan has struggled for years with reading and refused to go to the library bus that comes out to the village school each month. Kenzie enjoys reading but has not been at a level that I would be able to leave him with a book that wasn’t your standard school reading scheme type book.

I knew nothing of this Summer reading scheme and was pleasantly surprised to hear both boys ask independently to join it. We signed them both up on line and then took a trip to our local library on Friday Each child picked 6 books. Brendan has gone for his usual factual type books. The horrible histories and horrible science range. Kenzie has chosen several story books. We quickly realised that a couple of these were a little adventurous for him but the other 4 are not going to last him long at all. He finished his first book, within an hour and today read a second!

I am taking advantage of their interest in reading and have introduced something I have secretly wished for for many years. A reading hour. I have often envied friends who have children who are passionate readers. I love to see a child curled up on the sofa reading a good book and wondered if I would ever find that in my own home. Two days in a row now I have asked the boys to have some quiet time and do some reading before they sit to play on the computers. This is usually about 4pm and after a busy and full on day of play. You know what?…….. Each day they have done this and I have had a lovely fuzzy feeling as I sneak peaks round the door frame and see them completely absorbed in what they are reading! Kenzie is sharing the story plots with me and with real excitement!

I find myself suddenly realising my house is silent!

I am hoping this will be a new love for them both and that we can enjoy this down time each evening.

Kenzie has asked to go back to the library on Monday to change the tricky books and ones that he has read for some new ones. He will also collect the first sticker for his reading challenge and this will have a code on it to unlock sections on line.

Fingers crossed this continues…….

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