Day 5. Very much enjoyed today as it was my day off and a day that I could focus on being with my boys and not having to share my time. I love my job very much but I also treasure the days I can spend with my own children.

 Today was spent mainly at the local play centre for SEN children.
We had a fabby time in the sensory room.

There was also a lot of time spent in the sand pit, which is probably the place that my boys like to be most of all!

After our day out we went home for showers and a chill out. It was short lived though as my sister called and asked us to do an emergency run to the wildlife hospital with a Glis Glis that had been attacked by a cat outside her work. Here is the lovely little thing. Hoping he is ok and makes a full recovery!

In the evening Heather and I ended a very busy but fun weeks childminding, by relaxing on the village green with a fish and chips from the pub, chatting and watching the clouds! My boys ran around with friends and  got to stay up late!

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