Today we enjoyed a Play session organised by the play bus that visits the village every fortnight and the local children’s centre! We had a lovely morning and got lots of fresh air!

There was quite a bit of imaginative play!

Face painting!

and Football!

Little “E” painted some pictures.

Look at these lovely faces!

After watching the faces being painted, little “E” decided to gather up her own pretend face paints and then painted the faces of myself and my friend Vickie who had come to spend the day with us.

My sister and sister in law took Brendan for a walk in the fields with the dogs. They came across this little chap who was very hot and lay in the middle of the field. they rescued him and took him to the wildlife hospital that we visited the other week. Hopefully he will recover soon.

The girls painted my legs for me……

And my arms!

We have been working on our Summer reading challenge and the children have been adding stickers to their chart as they complete books. Brendan added another set of stickers to his chart this evening.

We ahve spent a lot of the day crafting in one way or another.

“S” made an African museum for us!

“L” and “R” made treasure maps with X marks the spot!

We decorated tea-towels and tote bags!

We also made sparkly pictures with sequins!

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