Day 10- Started of with a bit of free play for the morning before heading out on our day trip!

The children are loving the drinks dispenser that comes out every holiday. Great for promoting independence and helping them to fulfil their own bodily needs. It is wonderful when a child can recognise their own need for food and drink and have the ability to safely resolve that. I also have a bowl of fresh fruit on the table that they can come and help themselves too.

Today we enjoyed a visit to a Wildlife hospital with Heather and her mindees!

We saw lots of ducklings, birds and several hedgehogs.

We spent lunch time in the little play area and had a picnic and a play before going in to the Red Kite centre to learn about how they have helped many of these birds over the years. Some of the stories were very sad but it was great to hear so many success stories of injured birds that had been rescued and that had recovered.

A lady from the centre came outside with a Hedgehog and talked to the children about them. They learnt about what they eat, their habitat and the fact that they are nocturnal. She explained some of the injuries that they see when they have rescues come in.

There was a little nursery for very small creatures. Some were so small that you just can not imagine how they could survive without the care of the parents. Each of these bowls has a couple of very little hatchlings inside. This wildlife hospital does an amazing job!

After we had looked around we sat down in the shade and enjoyed an ice lolly each!

We chatted about what we had seen and our favourite parts of the visit.

I popped in to the gift shop and bought each of the children a workbook that has been put together by the centre. They loved them and it was a fantastic way to expand the learning and fun of today’s visit. They sat colouring in and doing word searches in the shade of the grape vines that were growing over the snack area.

They were all so well behaved and thanked the staff as we left. I am thinking about joining as a member here and making it a monthly place to visit!

Once home we cleaned out the Tortoises that have come to stay for the summer (School pets) and played with them. We had seen some fully grown tortoises at the Wildlife hospital and it was nice to compare the difference in size. 
We also asked about the Glis Glis that we took in last week. Sadly it did not survive and they think that it was probably very ill before the cat caught it. They were surprised that a cat had managed to catch one. It was not the news that we were hoping for, but it did open the doors for a conversation about how it does not always have a happy ending, and that it is nice to know every one cared enough to try and save the animals that get injured.
Today’s play, meets the following EYFS Prime and specific areas
  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development
  • Personal, Social and Emotional
  • Literacy
  • Understanding the world

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