Today has been rather soggy out with lots of heavy down falls.
We started off the morning with some cuddles!

We also build some towers and watched them tumble over!

We made book marks. The sewing was a good task for encouraging concentration and fine motor skills.

We talked about the Royal baby and chose toys on a print out that we thought the baby might like to play with.

Several of the children made pens for animals to live in and talked about the different habitats.

Some of us decorated window sun catchers.

Brendan made a Dragon mask!

Little “L” played with the Mr Potato heads and made several designs.

Little “R” worked on decorating a bag with foam letters and shapes.

Brendan made a sun catcher as well.

We had a lot of fun making puppets as well.  Little “E” decorated his blue and red. He talked about long hair and how he didn’t want his to have long hair or it would be a girl. This led on to a chat about how not all boys have short hair and that some girls have short hair!

Kenzie and Little “E” asked to put on a puppet show for us all. They used their new puppets and Kenzie wrote on the chalk board to tell us when the showings would be on.

Brendan put on a Minecraft puppet show using his new poster as a backdrop.

Then the girls put on their show about Princesses!

Brendan, Kenzie and Little “E” made snakes.

Brendan and Kenzie went to the garden to cut Rhubarb for us and set about making an apple and rhubarb crumble. It was very yummy!

Kenzie and Little “E” found my new Ocean sea creatures and took them to the Sea table. We had a lovely little story being acted out.

Some of the children set up a Royal Tea Party in honour of Baby George the bottle baby!

We had lots of reading.

We made our own fish tanks!

It amazes me how much we can pack in to a day!

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