Today my boys were taken back to the special needs play centre for the day by some friends.
The rest of us stayed home and did lots of fun things. There had been rain over night which was lovely and we had the odd sprinkle throughout the day.

This morning I set out some Ocean shadow matching activities. Little “R” is very interested in shadows and reflections at the moment so this was of particular interest to her!

I also set out this Toy boat making activity which I found on Inner child fun last night. It was so simple for little ones to follow although some of the bits were tricky for little fingers. 

I set up an Ocean and Lighthouse invitation to play.

Which has seen a lot of action over the day. At one point the blue cloth had real water poured over it!

We worked on some more Maize art!

I looked after a couple of children today whos childminder is on holiday. I think they had a good time. They were very nervous and shy to start with but after about half an hour it was like they had always been part of the group!

Little “C” found the jack in the box and spent a good half hour repeating the cycle of pushing the lid down and turning the handle to make the monkey pop out! The old toys really are the best! I lost count as to how many times I pushed that monkey down again!

We made the boats! Decorating the sails before adding them on.

We even floated our new boats in our mini Ocean!

We have had several conversations about the Royal baby today after the name announcement yesterday. I have read something about Bottle babies recently. They are  2 litre bottles filled with liquid that can be used with no set purpose as part of your loose parts provision. They are referred to as babies to encourage the children to respect them and treat them carefully. They were initially an idea for use with children with Sensory Processing Disorder. They help develop a child’s motor skills due to there quite heavy weight. I took this idea a little further and we made a Real Royal bottle Baby!

We added food colour and water beads to the bottle.

We used the hot glue gun, talking about the safety precautions that we needed to be aware of while attaching his eyes.

We drew on a face!

And some hair!

Then we set about looking after our Prince George the bottle baby!

Little “R” fed him!

“A” dressed him up in a rain coat and hat so she could take him outside. The rain had just started to fall lightly.

We had an impromptu musical concert! Everyone chose instruments and gave them a try and after a while swapped them all around.

Meanwhile George was having a chat with his Great Grandma.

The sea creatures were having a lovely swim.

We played with the magnetic table and some extra additions! The boats and creatures had to avoid the rocks. The lighthouse was there to protect them!

The girls set up a puppet theatre and asked me to tell them the story of Goldilocks and the three bears!

We had tea parties in the garden!

And they even washed up after themselves!

Later on this afternoon we enjoyed some scratch art. I love doing this activity with children. The ideas they have as to how the colour appears is wonderful. “F” handed me the stick back that he was using because he wanted to use a different colour. I had to giggle. I tried to explain that the stick isn’t giving out colour. His sister “L” gave her view on the process.
“What actually happens is that the stick scratches the black off” I was so happy she had worked that out. Her following sentence made me giggle again though.
“Then the stick draws over the top!”…. she very nearly had it. I explained to them how it really works but I think they preferred their own versions!

We also designed Royal baby nappies!

This evening after work. Lee and I took Kenzie to the park to play with our new plane!

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