Today we spent a lot of time with small world play. I love to set up a scene and watch what the children do with it. How they make it their own. Little “R” loves this vets set and adding bandages to all the animals legs. She talked about what was wrong with each animal and how we were going to make it better.

Little “L” is really starting to get the hang of cutting with Scissors. She draws pictures and then cuts them up in to little pieces.  She gave me little bits of chopped up picture.
 “Heres one for you Pippa, and more, and that bit more”
We counted the pieces she gave me up to 5.

Little “R” used Post-it notes to write on. I showed her how you can peal one off and then stick it to something. She then set about making marks on each page and pealing it off. She then stuck each one on to the patio doors.

We decided to write the word door together.

Little “L” watched what was happening and joined in. Sticking them on to the other door.

After a while Little “L” moved on to making marks on the patio with a paintbrush and water.

The Smurfs took a walk through Dinosaur land!

Everyone went back to the vet set in the afternoon. All the children played together.

They made enclosures for the animals and a little vet area in it.

Kenzie and “E” spent some time in the outdoor kitchen making “Mashimo”. Apparently this is a sand and water mix that sticks to things when you throw it!
They used the new scales that i got from the car boot sale (50p) to weigh the sand and water mix. Lots of mathematical talk. Identifying the weight and the units of weight used.

Little “R” finished off her Post-it door art!

The boys used their “Mashimo” to make door art of a different kind, on my shed!

Then they did a spot of crafting with junk modelling materials.

Little”L” made a sticking picture of her own and found “L” for her name to stick on!

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