Today was a day out. We visited our favourite place. The local special needs play centre! This is always great as they have so much planed for children to take part in if they wish too and also the space and facilities for children to run free and burn off lots of energy!

The theme for the day was Owls! We started off in the art room making paper plate owls.

Little “L” wanted to make a pink Owl! Then announced hers was not an Owl but a “Babbit” (her favourite animal is a Rabbit!)

All the bits had to be pink too. I tried to offer a different colour. We looked at purples and reds, blues and greens…… but no! PINK all the way!

Little “R” was mainly on a blue theme with hers.

The older boys were “experimenting” with string. We found this a bit worrying but after I did some long distance spying on them, I realised it was so they could tie a skate board to the back of a Go-Kart and drag each other around the playground!

The girls played in a truck!

We explored some water beads in a tray. I added a water wheel to the tray and a balancing toy, which seemed to spark their interest.

We also spent some time in the soft play area. Time to work on out Gross motor skills. Lots of climbing, jumping, running and lifting big soft play batons and bricks!

Very soon everyone was hungry and in need of a lovely picnic. There were 13 children and 3 adults and it was wonderful to see them all sat together enjoying the sun.

After lunch we walked down to the sand pit and had a lovely long play in there. Burying each other and making giant holes in the ground!

The cold sand felt lovely on hot feet!

Little “L” made music in the outdoor music area.

After a while we all needed a drink and a few of us went back to the art room to make some Shrinky dink Owl key rings!
These are so much fun. They start off nice and big. You draw on the clear plastic and then when you have finished, you cut them out and add a hole with a hole punch for the key ring to attach and then pop it in the oven for a few minutes to shrink it up.

Then we moved on to making Giant newspaper Owls! This gave us the chance to work on those fine motor skills again. We whole punched round the edge of the news paper and threaded them together leaving a space to stuff the body with screwed up newspaper. Then we finished sewing it together and painted it!

We used junk items to make eyes and to cut out wing shapes and a beak!

I love these!! They look so cute all sat together!

Some of them explored the handles and switches board. They especially liked the doorbell that really made a noise!

Once we got home everyone broke off in to smaller groups. Two children went home, 2 sat and did maize art, 2 played Lego Batman on the Wii and 1 went for a shower!

The maize art was another item from our “I’m board” box! This had been sat in the cupboard for about a year and after bringing it out this morning, there is now not much left!

Little “L” helped me with tidy up time this evening and we took a walk around the garden after to see the flowers!

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