Last week was Little “R”‘s 3rd Birthday! She brought a cake over with her this morning and after a play at the park, we all sang Happy Birthday to her and she blew out the candles!

It was very yummy!!

We set a little playmobil small world area up in the living room. “N” came to play for the day and he loves the Playmobil sets!

During nap time the boys had a play on the Wii!

We set up a Farm set. All the animals ended up in the barn having naps!

Brendan and Kenzie enjoyed designing new Nerf Guns. While at the park this morning we had a Nerf Gun fight which was SOOOOO much fun!

Most of the afternoon was spent in the garden. The boys spent hours in the outdoor kitchen area, making a cure for the Bubonic Plague!  I am not sure there are many cases of this these days but if there ever is, it would seem the best cure is created from chopped cabbage, Coconut, corn flour, water and herbs!

Look at all that lovely mess!!

Time to have a clean up! lots of bubbly water!

“R” spent ages playing with the Safari set. Making all the animals better with bandages!

After dinner and showers, the boys made chocolate lolly pops!

A lovely day with lots of creativity and imagination!

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