Day 2 and the storm has not yet arrived. We had a small rumbling this morning and a nice shower of rain, but nothing that has cooled things down as yet.
The “I’m board” box has been a big hit again today. At this rate I may have to re-stock it before the holidays are over! 
Little “R” arrived this morning and chose to start on some magic painting. We talked about not using too much water and painting one section at a time so that the colours didn’t mix and become a brown mess! She did really well at following that advice!

I also set up some fine motor development activities in the living room. These all encourage the development of the pincer grip which is required for correctly holding a pencil to write and draw. Just look at the concentration on her face!

The boys decided to spend the day in pyjamas again. I suspect most of the holidays will be like this unless we go out! They watched some Minecraft animations on You Tube first thing this morning.

Little “R” sorted glass beads in to a tray.

Then she moved on to threading pipe cleaners in to a colander.  She found this one rather more difficult and nearly gave up. I offered some encouraging words rather than doing it for her and she soon realised she could manage it for herself!

Little “L” chose to work with gel pens and black paper. This always gives a lovely effect. She found a ruler and practiced drawing strait lines.

We also tried out a bug stencil. She needed some support to help fill in all the gaps on the stencil but became very happy to see the finished result after she lifted the stencil.

This gave her the confidence to try it out without my help. She only filled in a few gaps on the stencil but seemed happy with the end result!

Mid morning we had a little rain storm. Sadly not enough to cool things down for any length of time but the girls enjoyed running around out side in it and cooling off! The filled up water spray bottles and went around the gardening spraying the dry patches.

Before long there were very few dry patches left. They were happy in their little Den though.

The boys decided to try different techniques on the magic painting books. Brendan wondered what would happen if he used the fine mist on the spray bottles. The colours did appear in rather a magical way as the water landed on the paper and both little “E” and Brendan seemed very pleased with this.

Little “L” and Kenzie washed my windows for me!

Kenzie then had a go at the new painting ideas with the other boys! Little “E” also chose a different type of squirty bottle!

Little “L” got a bit soggy in the rain!

So did Little “R”

This did not stop them from going back for more though!

The older children decided to use the Junk modelling items and  made playgrounds for little fluffy chicks!

Kenzie decided to make a shop and set it up in the playroom. He used the glass gems and we found some other dressing up jewellery to add. It didn’t really seem enough though so the boys went to the “I’m bored” box and got out the beads. They set about making bracelets to sell in their shop.

Brendan found the Hama beads and  made Creepers.

The little ones gave jewellery making a go as well.

The post arrived and Little “E” made front cover of this months Pacey magazine! He was very pleased!!

Lunch time came and we enjoyed a meal round the table together. Breaded chicken, mixed veg, Yorkshire puddings and buttered new potatoes.

The girls went up for naps and the boys watched a super hero film, while Little “E” dressed buddy bear up in super hero costumes.

Little “E” also had a go at making mine craft Hama bead art. he did really well but did ask for some help to finish it off. Kenzie helped him and then I did the last bit.

Kenzie and Brendan enjoyed a spot of Minecraft while we avoided the mid day heat!

Then Little “E” and Kenzie danced to Minecraft songs while popping big bubble wrap!

I melted the Hama bead art so that it stuck together!

Then it was water fight time. Cooled everyone off before dinner.

Another day of many many things achieved! 

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