Today we noticed that there is a rather large Sunflower growing in our garden. I am not really sure how we missed it. But here it is., hiding behind the Buddleia bush!!

We spent the day at the Special needs play centre.  They had Aqua zorbs set up! They were so much fun. The children had a great time. Kenzie and “E” were very nervous about going in the balls, but once they had done it once they kept going back for more!

I even had a go!

The children all enjoyed riding on the Go-carts!

Brendan and the girls found the water tray and spent lots of time capsizing the boats and fishing out glitter from the sea bed!

We spent some time in the Art room. We made magic sinning toys. “E” was totally amazed at how the fish is not in the bowl, but when you spin it in your hands it is suddenly in the bowl! I tried to explain that it was an Optical illusion but he found this tricky to understand and kept asking how the fish got in the bowl. So sweet bless him. We settled for “It’s magic!”

The girls went all day without a nap and I think they needed this down time with a quiet activity.

We coloured in strips of clear plastic bottle and hole punched them so we could string them on a piece of elastic. We used permanent coloured markers. We then poured boiling water over them and watched them shrink and curle up to make cool little decorations!

We did some sugar painting. Not sure what we were meant to do with this but we just played with it lol.

We played in the role play room.

Brendan spent a lot of time hiding in things! It amazes me just what spaces he can squeeze himself in to.

We all had a lovely day. We always do when we go here. We had a little issue with wasps though and both “E” and Brendan got stung within about an hour of each other. Both were amazingly brave though!

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