I can not believe we are on week 3 of the Summer holidays already. The next few weeks are going to be much quieter than the first 2 weeks here.
Over the weekend I had a good sort out of the play room. Removed toys that we have not used for ages or that I have several similar types of. I cleared out lots of rubbish. I say “I”, but I had help from family who kept me going when I was ready to give in and pack it all back in cupboards!
The lovely thing this morning, was watching little “R” select toys off the clutter free shelves. To find new items that had been lost in the back of cupboards like our Eskimo doll and an Elephant puppet. 
The Gnomes have been sat on the side for months but have not been played with much. But this morning they were carefully brought down from the shelf that is their new home and played with. The toys seem to have been shown more care and the playroom was not turned upside down like it sometimes can be. Everyone enjoyed the toys, but one at a time rather than everything at once!

Toothless has been a big part of today’s play. Some days he just basks on his log but today he was scratching at the glass to come out. The children fed him his meal worms and watched him catch them!

 We set out the wooden spelling boards and letters. Little “R” is getting very good at running her finger over the letter indent and then finding the right piece to fit the hole just by sight. As she is looking, I use the letter name and sound. “Ohhh I wonder where the K is? K for Kangeroo, k k k”

We also used the instruments. These have now all been moved on to one shelf. The drums, a basket of instruments and a basket of nursery rhyme puppets to use as song prompts.

Little “L” has been very creative. She chose to do some drawing this morning and practised her drawing, cutting and sticking skills. This was her creation with no adult input what so ever. It is her Princess!

Brendan had a morning of Puppets. He made a rather clever shadow theatre with white sheets, torches, a table and a dark cover so that the shadows could be seen. I wish I had taken a picture. We all lay on the floor with our heads under a big blanket while he used torches and Star Trek space ships to tell us a story!

He then made a spoon puppet. This is the penguin he made.

We popped down to the play bus that visits the village every fortnight. The staff there are so lovely and welcoming. The older children did some Tree climbing just outside the bus and then came in to play Duplo. The girls enjoyed making a sticking picture and playing in the home corner.

When we got home we took a quick look at our Beans that are growing. This week is National Allotment week so we will be visiting our vegetables quite a bit over the next few days. We decided it was time to pick some of the beans so each child looked for a pink speckley pod and pulled them off!

We sat in the kitchen and took the beans from their pods. I remember sitting in the garden in the summer as a child with a big bowl of runner beans that needed to be shelled. I never liked the taste of them but I loved the job of shelling.

Little “E” asked Brendan to help him build a wooden Dinosaur that he found in the “I’m bored” box. Kenzie and I worked on one together as well. We did this while watching a film about Dinosaurs.

Kenzie and Little “E” asked for the Dinosaur toys out so very soon the afternoon was all about Dinosaurs!

“E” made a spoon puppet with me and chose to make a Penguin too.

Kenzie spent a good hour of the afternoon paying with Toothless. carrying him around on a cushion (apparently it was the Lizard express)  and cuddling Kane, our dog!

“E”s finished puppet!

The boys put on a puppet show for Toothless while he rested under his blanket, because he was tired…… so I was told!

We used the Dinosaur stencils to draw Dinosaurs!

Kenzie made a snowman spoon puppet!

The boys found a couple of Dinosaur excavation kits in the “I’m bored” box and took them outside to do! These kits are very messy but great fun and do keep children occupied on the task for quite some time!

Brendan used the different colour plaster sections to make paint by adding a littl bit of water and grinding it in to a paste!

He then set about making cave paintings on the patio using the different shades of paint he had made. He had managed to make 3 colours from the different shades of plaster that had been in the kit.

Kenzie used old tea bags and water to make poisonous potions!

 Brendan separated his paints in to different pots so that he could use them another day. He painted pictures on the fence.

I can’t wait to see more pictures appear around the garden with this home made paint. I love the simple cave man style painting as well!

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