Today was a scorcher! 31 degrees and blue sky. I decided to make sure we got out in the morning so that we could hide indoors during the mid day sun.
We took plenty of water and some snacks. Plastered on the sun cream and popped hats on heads (although hardly anyone would keep them on). We packed up the new Badminton racquets and our bag of balls, bats and skipping ropes. 

We enjoyed a bit of climbing and sliding, spinning down the firemans pole, balancing on the beams and playing on the swings.

We enjoyed a snack and drink in the shade. While we were resting the library bus pulled up next to the green so Brendan ran home to get Kenzie’s books for him and he changed them for some new ones. The children all chose a new book and Kenzie got his Reading Challenge stickers and a magnet for reading 4 books! Brendan is about to finish his 2nd book so hopefully we will have another rip to the Library this weekend.

Brendan and I played a game of Badminton which was more about actually trying to hit the shuttle cock than getting any back and forth relay going on!
Little “X” and “R” had fun with skipping ropes. “L” wanted to run with hers dragging behind her and “X” tried to use his as a proper skipping rope. He gave it a really good go at flicking it over his head while jumping at the same time!

I chased them around the green with a rope saying I was going to catch them which sent them all running off in different directions, giggling and screaming! I did manage to catch them a couple of times and get a quick tickle in before they ran off again shouting ” you can’t get me!”

We practised our throwing and kicking skills. Little “R” prefers a good over arm throw and can get the ball quite far!

Little “C” used the scoop bat and little balls. I held the other one and we rolled it from one bat to the other for a while!

When we got a bit worn out and hot, we sat down and read some of our new books!

Brendan ran home to get his Nurf Dart Tag game and the older ones were soon engaged in a battle over the play frame!

We had one last swing on the swings before heading home for a cool down and lunch. Both my boys jumped in to the shower after all that Nurf tagging!

The little ones could not resist trying to roll the balls over the skate ramp and down the over side while we gathered up the balls.

Some of us preferred to be bare foot and feel the grass underfoot! I don’t blame her either! She is getting really good at putting her own shoes on. She can re-thread the Velcro straps when they come out of their loops and manage them all by herself. Mummy informed me that she dressed herself all on her own this morning too! I can not believe she will be 3 in just over a week! How time flies!

“E” came to play this afternoon which was lovely. We have missed her since School broke up. Mummy is on maternity leave till next spring so she is not coming to us for a while. It will be lovely to have her back though and we get to look after her baby sister too!

“E” and “A” instantly got along. They have never met before but being the only “big girls” hey instantly bonded and they seem to enjoy the same sorts of things.
They asked to make necklaces with our beads so I set them up a crafting tray each.

Kenzie hasn’t yet added his new stickers to his poster but he has finished another book! I am so proud of how the boys have taken to reading the past 2 weeks. I noticed today that at the usual points of nagging for TV or computers (knowing that it is not yet screen time) they did something different. They sat with a book!

We all sat together this afternoon and played a board game. Crazy Chef. I love that these “Orchard Toys” games are enjoyable for all ages. We can play something that is suitable for a young child and does not take too long to complete but is still fun for older children and adults!

We also did some drawing, water painting on the patio, played with the puppets and puppet theatre and played with the littlest pet shop toys and Thomas train set.
Look what the postman popped through our door today too!!

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