Today was a bit drier than yesterday but everyone fancied a lazy day so we stayed home and enjoyed the garden and crafting.
Brendan and Little “E” made some clay insects using a mould. They were meant to take 2 hours to dry but these are still not dry 12 hours later so we will probably paint them next week.

Kenzie and “N” went out in to the garden and made Tea. They used some old Tea bags that I have had saved as emergency tea (just in case I should ever run out) but after about 18 months, still have not used.
The rain didn’t seem to put them off at all and they both seemed to have a good time emptying tea leaves in to water and watching the water change colour!

We had more Royal Tea Parties this morning.

There was a little bit of foil engraving going on.

Kane joined us for story time. “A” read “the Royal nappy” to him.

We made paper plate Prince George’s. I was only going to do the baby faces but little “E” decided to go for a whole baby!

We enjoyed the Hama beads again. It is nice to see these getting so much use now. They have been hidden in the back of a cupboard for so long.

The older girls made some candles.

Brendan and Little “E” had a game of  Yu-gi-oh which “E” won!

I stuck up our Royal babies so that the children could see them all together and chat about them.

We enjoyed some mid afternoon reading.

We played “pass the pigs”.

Tomorrow is meant to be a lovely hot one again. I think we will take a walk to the park and see what birds and animals we can find.

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