Today I pulled everything out of my art and craft cupboard. I am not someone who likes waste and so over the years I have collected lots of things and not left them out where they might be wasted. This has resulted in them not being used….. that, right there, is a waste in itself!

So I put it all in to boxes. Sensory items in one box, Deco-patch in another, paints and glitters in a tray with glue sticks and aprons. Everything has its place. But the main thing I did was to fill a big storage box with all the craft sets that I had bought and not used.

 Once everything was organised in to boxes I took the big box of activities in to the play room.

There will be 6 children at least in the house everyday over the holidays and I want to have a quick fix to the “I’m bored” phrase.

There should be something in that box to appeal to everyone no mater what gender or age. Some of the things I have added are as follow.

  • Hama beads
  • Jewellery making kit
  • Garden pot labels to paint
  • Bookmark kits
  • Window decoration painting sets
  • Candle making kit
  • Magic painting books and brushes
  • Maze art
  • Mask making kits
  • Daffodil windmills
  • Puppet making kits
  • Pens, markers, paint and gel pens
  • coloured paper of different sizes
  • Scratch art
  • T-shirt designing set
  • Wooden dragon painting kit
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Stickers
  • Colouring sheets
I added a sign, inviting everyone to come and choose something from the box and to have fun. 
I am really looking forward to next week to see how the children respond to this. I wonder if I will still hear the words “I’m bored” or if they will be able to fill those moments with something from the box!

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