After the Christmas screening of Julia Donaldson’s “Stick Man”, the children have been really interested in the book. This is one of my favorites, after the Gruffalo series. I wanted the children to be able to explore the elements of the story and make their own Stick Men so set up an area in the playroom for them to do this. A selection of materials that they could use to make their own Stick Man to take home.

I made a Stick Man for the children to play with as they read the story. He has been a big hit and has been incorporated in to lots of other play and daily routines!

Storytelling is an important skill for young children to learn. It enhances their speech and language skills. They pick up richer language and expression. Stories spark imagination and creativity in all ages! Once a child becomes familiar with a story, they will start to “read” it from memory. They know the words on each page and this is an important step in pre-reading skills. Even more so if you run a finger under each word as you read it. The children will pick this up and use it themselves when looking at books.
Books like “Stick Man” have such a wonderful element of rhyming to them. This is another pre-reading skill that will help ready a child for school.
Braking stories down not only encourages comprehension and language, but it also opens up opportunities to make predictions about what might happen next or how a character might be feeling.
Sharing books is a lovely social time either one to one or in a small group. It is engaging and calming. Perfect for calming frustrated toddlers!

  • Prepare a story sack for the children to either select as they wish too or borrow to share with family at home.
  • Tell the story many times over the coming weeks and use props for the children 

Today’s play, meets the following EYFS Prime and specific areas:
  • Communication and Language
  • Literacy

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