Stick bread at Forest school

Stick bread at Forest school

A is a pro at making stick bread now! The first time she came to Forest School she could not sit long enough to make a stick bread and would not stay sat round the fire pit so was often having to be moved away for safety reasons. Now she understands that it tales time and patience. She knows she must stay sat near the fire and step away from the pit backwards to be safe! She also comes to the circle and waits for the coals to reach temperature while chatting with others around the fire in a safe manner. It’s been amazing to see this maturity and she is rewarded for her patience by getting a lovely warm stick bread to snack in that she made by herself!

Following the safety rules!

EYFS areas covered:

  • Physical development
  • Personal, social and emotional
  • Communication and language
  • Understanding the world


Playing and exploring A is keen to sit at the fire circle now and wait for the stick to be passed to her and fof thd cooking process. Checking her bread and turning it as she knows it will burn if she doesnt keep it rotating.

Active learning over time she has learnt that by sitting for the duration of the activity and following thr rules she gets to have a stick bread to snack on and she feels good because she made it herself!

Creating and thinking critically Sometimes A will ask for blackberries of the bushes to push inside her bread so that she gets a warm jam in the middle. Shd also knows to put the bread in the crook of her arm till it cools if she has a long sleeved top on. Or she puts it in her pocket if she has short sleeves! We call that Elbow bread and Pocket bread!

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