Starting school is a huge transition for even the most confident of children. There are so many things that they will have to start doing for themselves and it can only help them if we provide them with the tools and skills they need to cope and flourish in the school environment.

I hope to give you and your children some fun and helpful ideas to support your child in preparing to start school in my blog series “STARTING SCHOOL MADE EASY”

In this 7th part we are focusing on how we can support your Artistic development and skills!

  • Set up a “School” role play area. Offer paper and pens, small table and chairs, books, a chalk board, chalks, teddies to become the students.Play at being teacher!
  • Encourage the children to name their own pictures and pieces of art. You could write it first and they can write over the top.

  • Make a junk model of their school or classroom and pop some small world figure to create “First day at school” stories. Listen to the narrative the children give their play. It will give you you an insight in to how they might be feeling about the transition.
  • Encourage sensory play with dough, shaving foam, paint.

  • Sing songs and rhymes together
  • Have a dance to music. Find your rhythm!

  • Explore instruments and sound. loud noises and quite noises. fast or slow music. Talk about the sounds, what do you both like? 

I hope that this series of posts have been helpful for you and your child during their transition to school. If you would like to ask any questions or share your ideas please comment below.

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