Starting school is a huge transition for even the most confident of children. There are so many things that they will have to start doing for themselves and it can only help them if we provide them with the tools and skills they need to cope and flourish in the school environment.

I hope to give you and your children some fun and helpful ideas to support your child in preparing to start school in my blog series “STARTING SCHOOL MADE EASY”

In this 4th part we are focusing on how we can support your child’s Literacy skills.

  • Practice tracing over pictures and words such as your child’s own name.
  • Use a stick to write your names in sand, paint or with water on the patio. 

  • Paint over chalked names and 3 letter words, with water and a brush on the patio or chalk boards.
  • Add your child’s name to a peg at home, make a place mat together with their name on to help them recognise it in written form.

  • Have a 5 minute “circle time” at home to share a story. build this up to 10 minutes over time. This will support your child’s ability to sit for a short period of time and focus like they will need to do at school.
  • Look at picture books together and ask your child to tell you a story about what is happening in the book.

  • Look for letters of their name when going for walks. On street signs or posters. Letters painted on the road.

There are some great books that you might like to borrow from the library and share with your child before they start school.

  • Starting school by Janet and Allan Ahlberg
  • Starting school – Usborne sticker book
  • Lucy and Tom go to school by Shirley Hughes.

Look out for part 5 of this series tomorrow. The focus of part 5 will be fun ideas to support mathematical skills! 

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