With the Jubilee only a few weeks away,I thought we would start looking at how we could incorporate it in to our play. I set up a little play scene on the table. I am not really sure what it is meant to be, but I thought it looked a bit like a street party with the King and Queen in the background. I wanted to add some gazebos (maybe made from K’nex) and some bunting but I know it would last all of 10seconds with under 2 year olds.

This picture is before it got played with. It does not look like this now and has been added to and changed over the week. A friend came over with the 3 little boys she looks after and the whole table got cars added to it. I wonder if maybe they forgot to put a road closure in place before holding their street party! I wish I had taken a photo of it but I only remembered after I had almost finished putting the cars away.

Many of the little people have been taken for rides in a big yellow bus and a big black Taxi!

We have had wooden soldiers added to the scene and even cannons introduced!

We have been looking at London. These are some great board books which I picked up last week. £5 each from the local book shop. One is a bus and the other is a Taxi. They have pictures of London sights and landmarks.

We set up a tea party with some of our teddies. Nothing more British than a tea party! The Queen would be very proud!

Little R cooked us all some yummy food!

I am working hard on thinking up fun things to introduce over the next few weeks, that will link to the Jubilee, but in a way that toddlers will understand and enjoy. I would love to hear of any ideas you have had or blog posts you have written on the subject. Please feel free to post a link in the comment box below and we can all share our Jubilee ideas!

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