This years St Georges Day was celebrated in the honoured tradition that seems to have grown in our setting. Dressing up as Knights and Dragons! I had to invest in new Dragon and Knights costumes last year as everyone is getting older now. Even my two boy,s at 8 and 12, love the dressing up and chasing each other around the garden on St Georges Day! 

Heather and her little ones came over during the week to enjoy some of the activities we had set up.

Little “E” (X’s little sister) has started attending Heathers childminding setting. Unfortunately I could not take on another little one. Not even under continuity of care, but thankfully Heather was able to help and she has settled in really well. She has just started to walk and is finding the new hight and mobility she has, a great deal of fun and very useful for exploring!

We also set up some small world play areas and observed how the children chose to use them. Despite trying very hard to be gender neutral and not make stereotypes, there did appear to be a very set difference in the way the boys approached this, to how the girls did. The boys all made the Dragons fight each other, while the girls seemed more keen on putting the people in to the fenced village and keeping them safe from the Dragons outside. I find it very interesting to see how many children still swing towards gender stereotypes despite our very best efforts to make everything accessible and neutral to all.

We looked at coats of arms and talked about what we would have on our coats of arms if we were to design our own. We thought that adding things we liked would be the best thing. Kenzie drew Pokemon all over his! Some of the children drew Dragons on theirs!

Happy St Georges Day to all our English readers!

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