This is our day! Being English I find we seem to do less to mark our Patron Saint day 🙁 This makes me very sad. So I am going to make this a fun week of St Georges related ideas and activities!
Unfortunately 2 of my children have gone away on holiday this week with mummy and daddy. But that will not stop us!

Here are just a few of the things we have planned.

I have set out a St Georges day small world play for little “R” to enjoy when she arrives. My boys have already had a little play with it over the weekend. Just to test it out you understand. Brendan did enjoy helping me find some last minute goodies from the shops this weekend. We got 2 new books, as I have found it very hard to find any in the Library. We also bought  a knight and his horse, although looking closer I think he is a king…. I am sure the children won’t mind.

Buddy Bear is sporting a new outfit! He is spending the week in full Palace Guards uniform. Buddy Bear had an outing last week and went to the Dr’s with Little “E”! I do like how he has become a real loved character in my setting!

I have set up a pouring activity. There is nothing more English after all, than a cup of tea! So I have set up the tea set, complete with Tea bags and will offer warm water at the start of the activity. This activity will have to be quite closely supervised I feel.

We also have a sticking activity. I ordered these English flag stickers from Yellow Moon.  The process of peeling off the backs and sticking them on to the paper really works the finger muscles and hand eye co-ordination.

We also have some Knights related dressing up clothes ready to be enjoyed. I also have a Dragon costume but it was in the washer when this photo was taken.

I have many more ideas whizzing around in my head but these are just the ideas I have set out for tomorrow!

So who is going to join me and make St Georges Day a great 

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