This week I set up a tray activity with stickers. The idea being that little “R” could practice her finer finger movements and peal off the backs. She has done this in the past with stickers, if I start them off for her. This week we were having non of it!
Every time I offered her a half peeled sticker, I simple got “No!”
This activity did not engage her in the way I had expected from past observation and she has not  returned to it despite it being available. Maybe we have moved on from stickers!

After school Little “R” and Brendan made spoon puppets. I bought a couple of kits and they had lots of fun sticking bits to the spoon. I did have to heavily supervise this as we used the hot glue gun. I found in the past, that other glue just not stick the bits on long term, or stand up well to toddlers play, after they have made the item!
Brendan followed his own creative direction with his Knight. Little “R”‘s did have a lot of adult input but she did add an extra eye and liked to press the bits on after I had added the glue! I think she had more fun playing with the Dragon after he was made!

They were good fun to make and they both spent some time playing with them after.
 I think they did a grand job!

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