Outdoor play is how we are spending most of our days at the moment. Which is how it should be! Fresh air and the space to move, build, explore and make noise!
The potion making is still the activity that the children are choosing to engage in most. This has resulted in Kenzie doing this with almost anything that can be mixed. Drinks, food, painting…. Everything is being mixed together with some interesting results. I have got him to help with some mixing when cooking dinner to give this new found “joy” an outlet!

Everyone is using the garden for their own interests and they chose to go outside and continue where they left off the day before. They all practice the new skills they ave been learning. Balancing, carrying pots of water, hitting a ball with a bat!

I used the wall just outside the playroom to create a fun new road! Little “X” has been lining cars up on there for many weeks now and I wanted a way to make this interest in to something more. Since adding some white lines on the bricks with some Tip-X, all the children have been drawn to this area and push the cars along the wall, parking them in the parking bays. It has opened up lots of conversations about road safety and traffic lights. Most of the children now know “Red means STOP! and green means GO!”

We have been tasting and smelling our herbs a lot!!

Adding them to our potions and “Dinners” in the outdoor kitchen!

I bought a new toy! These tube phones have given us hours of fun and encourage lots of chatter!

The outdoor kitchen becomes VERY busy after school! I really think I need a bigger garden!

We added some dried foods like chick peas and Beans to the outdoor kitchen area. We also added different coloured water, rice, herbs, bubble mixture, bubble bath, bath salts and hand lotion….. anything that is safe and sitting in the cupboard unused has been re purposed this past week!

Using all our senses to explore new things! Sniffing our herbs!

Rainbow colours in my garden make me SOOOOO HAPPY!!!!

The children are all confident with using the outdoor play area. They no longer need my support as much and I am only really needed to fill up watering cans and provide new fun ingredients for their dinners and potions! They are all playing with what they know but also having new ideas and having a go at trying these out in a safe environment. Mixing things and adding new ingredients. Using all their senses to smell and taste the herbs. They are so happy and proud with what they have made and achieved and have even started to write down the ingredients and quantities needed to make specific potions that they are particularly happy with. I need to add some chalk and white boards and pens to this area I think to encourage more of this outdoor mark making and recording of information. Each child is engaged in play, motivated and concentrating! 

Today’s play, meets the following EYFS Prime and specific areas
  • Communication and Language
  • Personal, Social and Emotional
  • Expressive Art and Design
  • Understanding the World
  • Physical Development

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