It has been really nice to do some activities with the older children and teenagers these past holidays. I spend so much time with the little ones that I sometimes find it hard to think about what older children enjoy. Now I have a 15 year old and an 11 year old I am exploring some of the older activities! 
This sky trail was at a farm that we visited. Mead Open Farm, nLeighton Buzzard is such a cool place to take the kids. Sand pits for the little ones and Sky trails for the older kids!
My youngest is getting much more confident as he grows. His balance has never been his strong point and his is very tall for his age. Its a bit like his body has always been too big for him to fully coordinate. This has improved with some Nero developmental therapy and more physical play. He has not been happy about me getting him on the football pitch but it has helped. It was amazing to see him choosing to be up so high and managing the challenges himself. He stayed up there for ages!

Everyone is harnessed so there is no risk of falling but it is still very high and I am not sure I would be so brave!

There are times he even let go of one rope so that he could reach forward for the next. They were positioned just a little too far apart so that children had to challenge themselves to reach the next rope.

Look at that happy face and self confidence radiating from him! Every time he does something like this he is proving to himself that he can do more than he first thinks.

My friends 16 year old daughter showing us how it’s done!

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