Today was quite overcast, but still quite warm. The girls asked me if they could have buckets of water to play in. I said this was no problem and between us we carried watering cans of water in to the garden and discussed the weight and temperature. Did they want it warm or cold? they wanted it warm.
Before long they had climbed in to the buckets and started to chat to each other from their little individual tubs!

They took the Smurfs in with them and started to comment on if they could swim, which they couldn’t!

After some chatter, they decided the Smurfs needed a boat! Each of them picked up a wooden pot and found that this floated on the water without any problems. They slowly added the Smurfs to their pots and watched them float around the bucket, laughing and chatting the whole time.

This was a lovely play session to observe. It was completely child initiated. They chose the way to do things and thought creatively as they added toys to the water. The girls asked for buckets of water and asked if they could climb in to the buckets. We talked about the temperature of the water. Did they want hot water or cold water? There was so much exploration in their play. Do the Smurfs float? No! Does the wooden pot float? Yes! Can the Smurfs float if they sit in the wooden pots? Yes! They worked with what they knew and thought critically to solve the problems. They explored the water and how other items behave in the water. 

Today’s play, meets the following EYFS Prime and specific areas
  • Communication and Language
  • Personal, Social and Emotional
  • Understanding the World

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