I do love the odd day of doing nothing in particular. Not all the time, but every now and then.

This Sunday was one of those days. It was my Birthday on Saturday so we had gone out for lunch and had family over for tea and cake in the afternoon. I then spent the evening snuggled on the sofa bed with my boys till we all woke on Sunday morning.

We stayed in our PJ’s, watched a bit too much TV and played a bit too much Wii. But by lunch time we decided to something a bit more social. The boys are quite interested in Greek Mythology and they have a book which comes with a board game and little characters. So we gave it a go… and had a lot of fun playing it together. We also played pass the bomb which is a favorite in this house.

We worked on our jigsaw puzzle, which has been rather neglected for a while now. we managed to get quite a bit completed!

Then we noticed that the wind and rain had stopped and the sun was shinning. So off we went. Out in to the garden in our PJ’s! I set up the bubble machine and got out the boy of bubble blowing toys! This simple activity kept my boys busy and happy for a good hour or more!

After a while they got to trying to make their own bubble mixture using our bathroom soap! This soon descended in to a foam fight!

So much fun from a couple of bottles of bubbles from the £1 shop and a bunch of bubble wands!

On a side note we finally managed to get our veg plots tended and the pumpkin plants put in!

Hope you all had a fabby weekend too!

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