My current 2 year olds have started to take an interest in letters that we see around us. I thought I would piggy back on this interest and look at the letters that start their names. A letter that has meaning for them.
We started with large versions on A4 paper. I wrote each child’s first initial on the paper and then we used felt pens to write over the top. We said the letter sound while doing this. Pens are easy to make marks with even with very pressure being used. This makes them easy, if not a bit messy, for the little ones to draw with.
We have been practicing these shapes in larger forms with sticks in sand and water on the patio. We are now scaling down the letters to fit on paper. No matter how the letter turn out, each child is praised for their effort. We will continue to make the marks in large form while we practice on paper too. 
Being able to make marks with some form and purpose gives children another outlet for expressing themselves.My ASD sons could draw what upset them or made them angry far before they could verbalise it. Even now my 15 year old will draw when he is stressed or upset. Sometimes simple labeling is enough to share how you feel and get your thoughts across as well as giving the child an outlet. 
Not only this but each time children mark make, they are learning to use tools that they can later use for writing. Holding pens and pencils correctly and getting a feel for how much pressure is required for making the marks. Some tools like pencils can go through the paper if you press to hard. It is all about trial and error and the more access children have to a variety of mark making tools the easier they will find writing later on.
Today’s play, meets the following EYFS Prime and specific areas:
  • Physical Development
  • Literacy

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